Course: Counter Paramilitary Operations

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Counter Paramilitary Operations is NOT a Boot-camp style course even though the topic’s and skills taught in this school are military in nature. The constant peril of well-armed and trained criminals (as found in the Active-shooter Incident, Dallas Texas, July 2016 - Baton Rouge La. Shooting, July 2016 - San Bernardino Terrorist Attack. December 2015 - Alexandria La. Wise Street Shootout, September 2003 - North Hollywood Shootout, February 1997) has forced American Law Enforcement to reevaluate its ability to address these new threats. This highly popular course is intended for special operations personnel assigned to perform in a Tactical/SWAT unit role. While the subjects being taught are military/combat oriented; the information, techniques and tactics do not supplant Federal and State law, and/or departmental policy. Physically demanding, this course is designed to negate the tactics being used against us; therefore, the student will be exposed to an in-depth view of infantry/Special Forces strategies, unit organization, concepts and tactics. Restricted to Law Enforcement, Military, Government, & Security Personnel.