“I've attended 4 different courses with Charlie Mike and can honestly say from experience that all of their training was real world and extremely relevant. On May 6th, 2023 I was on-duty and one of the early LE responders to the Allen mall outlet shooting. I was on-scene for about 4 hours and was able to assist, due directly to drawing from the training I previously received from CME. One of our classes had us in literally the same open mall environment and situation. Bottom line, the scenarios and training here is top notch and based on REAL world and the instructors were rock solid. Without CME, I would not have been able to my job as well as I did that day. Thank you to Mike, Big Mike and the rest of the CME team!" - Deputy Omar


“I have taken three courses with Charlie Mike Enterprises.  Every course that I have taken, gave me the skills and knowledge that helped me deliver training with confidence back to my team.  The Cadre is determined that you leave the training site without any unanswered questions. There is never a lull in their training.  Excellent delivery!” - Chief Chris H.


“Charlie Mike Enterprises is a world class tactical training company. The instructors are professional and very knowledgeable. The tactics they taught play a vital role in our Op plans, rehearsals and the execution of warrants we serve at my department. The teachings from CME are more than just tactics. The mental aspect of being a modern-day warrior is taught from Basic SWAT through the Team Leader schools. I would suggest attending any of Charlie Mike's courses.” - Deputy C. Carter


“Hands down the best school I have been to, in my almost 7 years, in law enforcement. I learned so much from the basic SWAT class and the group of guys in my class were great and very encouraging. We went from a group of strangers to a family in one week! The instructors are what make the class perfect. You can tell their passion is there 100% and strive to make you a better cop, SWAT member and a better version of yourself in general. I WILL be attending other CME courses in the future.” - Deputy Danielle A.


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