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Nick Chavis

CEO & Lead Tactical Consultant

Born in Conroe, Texas, and then raised by his grandparents in tiny, Three Rivers, Texas, this small-town Texan has led an interesting life. Eight hours into his 17th birthday, Nick raised his right hand and joined the United States Navy. As a Hospital Corpsman, Nick was stationed in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, and was attached to the World’s Greatest Fighting Force, the United States Marine Corps. After his enlistment, Nick still had a desire to serve and in 2007 attended the Law Enforcement Academy at Southwest Texas Junior College, where he graduated top of his class. During his full-time service as a Texas Peace Officer, Nick never worked at a department larger than 14 officers. In doing so, he became a “Jack of all trades”. From running warrants with the US Marshal’s Service, to being tasked with starting the Special Weapons and Tactics team in George West, Texas, Nick has always had a love for law enforcement special operations. Over the years, Nick has held numerous supervisor positions and was responsible for training new officers at two of the departments he served at. This is where he found his true calling, training. Take any course from Nick and you will see his passion for teaching. Since 2015, Nick has been assisting Charlie Mike Enterprises with the instruction of their tactical courses. At the same time, he has been teaching tactical medicine and tactics to some of the most elite units in the US military arsenal. From young medics straight out of their first military school, to top tier one teams, Nick has shown time and time again, why he is chosen to lead training. As of January 2021, Nick purchased Charlie Mike from his mentor, Michael Witzgall. Nick is excited to carry on the torch that Mike has carried for over 22 years. Due to a constant travel schedule, Nick's two daughters do not get to see him as often as any of them would like. So, when he is not training, Nick likes to spend his free time relaxing and catching up on the joys of fatherhood.


Mike Bellard

Chief Operations Officer & Lead Tactical Consultant

Mike has 25+ years of security experience and 20 years of LEO SRT/Swat experience as a Trainer/Operator. He served in the Marine Corps Infantry/Security Forces for 10 years. He provided high threat protection operations as a part of the Residential Security Team and Critical Infrastructure Protection within the private sector. Mike currently trains Basic Swat, Advanced Swat and Tactical Hostage Rescue along with other courses to various law enforcement agencies within the State of Texas.  His resume will show that he has a strong background within this industry. In his spare time, He enjoys reading and attending training as well as spending time with his three daughters.


David Pruitt

Director of Tactical Medical Training

David is the newest member to the Charlie Mike family.  He is a second generation firefighter and has worked for the City of Hillsboro Department of Public Safety for over 18 years.  He is currently assigned as the Deputy Chief of Operations, responsible for all Fire, EMS, and Special Rescue responses.  David has been assigned to the city's Emergency Response Team as the Team Medic for 10 years.  He earned a Bachelors of Education from Dallas Baptist University and holds certifications as a Nationally Registered Paramedic and Tactical Medic, a Master Firefighter, Fire and EMS Instructor, Fire Officer, Wildland Firefighter and Swift Water Technician and Instructor.  He also maintains a deployable status as a member of TEMAT (Texas Emergency Management Assistance Team) and the AHIMT (All Hazards Incident Management Teams.) When not working, responding to disasters or instructing, he can be found enjoying time with his wife Stephanie and their two sons Caleb and Coleson.


Michael Witzgall

President Emeritus & Lead Tactical Consultant

The son of a career military officer, Mike spent 12 years on active duty as a non-commissioned and commissioned officer (mostly carrying a rifle, rubber boat, and dive equipment running up and down the beaches of sunny California). While in the military, Mike served in the Marine Corps elite Force Reconnaissance teams and then later as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army Infantry and Military Police Corps. In 1988, after numerous deployments around the world, Mike left the military as a Captain and joined the Dallas Police Department. During his tenure with Dallas, Mike earned 48 written commendations, 2 life saving awards, 1 police commendation bar (for valor), 2 Certificates of Merit (for valor) and the Medal for Valor (43rd Recipient). Mike served as a patrolman in south Dallas and as a member of a Tactical team (SWAT). Published in his field, Mike has written numerous articles for law enforcement magazines and has published eight tactical training manuals. Mike's career with Dallas ended after a severe line of duty injury forced him into early retirement. This injury eventually led to the amputation of his left leg above the knee. Currently, Mike is co-owner of Charlie-Mike Enterprises, Inc. Charlie-Mike Enterprises, Inc. specializes in teaching courses such as, but not limited to;  Hazardous Warrant / Apprehensions, Basic and Advanced SWAT, Basic and Advanced Police Rifle, Hostage Rescue, and Counter Paramilitary Operations. Through Charlie-Mike Enterprises, Inc. Mike has also been contracted as a consultant to review and assist in upgrading security at Independent School Districts and private corporations.  Since its inception in 1998, Charlie-Mike Enterprises, Inc. has taught over 5,000 officers from as many as 500 different agencies.  

In addition to teaching SWAT, Mike is a specialist in underwater salvage and recovery operations of small to medium-large size water craft. Several of these “recoveries” have led to insurance investigations and the conviction of the claimants for arson and fraud.  Through hard work and dedication (and with his wife Shelly always at his side) Mike has earned a reputation as an expert in Underwater Crime Scene Reconstruction, Evidence Preservation and Watercraft Recoveries.