Torch & Spear Vol. 1

Torch & Spear, Warrior Ethos -

Torch & Spear Vol. 1

Volume One: What is Torch and Spear?

It seems today that everywhere I look, a new divisive message emerges from the shadows. For most of us, LEO’s with some prior MIL, we see these messages of chaos and we continuously try to ensure a sense of order in our communities. Often time our adversity appears in new forms and unsuspecting places, despite this all there is a degree of common ground we all share. Commonly referenced in various music and by various brands, our community often thinks of a line held. Such as a thin Blue line. This concept is used to exhaustion and only scratches the surface of what the Law Enforcement mission is, creating Order amongst Chaos.

Discussions of Policing Strategies and methods have been around for some time. Leadership strategies and management styles come and go. Everywhere we look, someone brings up another incident of discrimination. At the end of the day, no matter who you are or what you look like, you are a BADGE. Of all Policing Strategies, Leadership styles, and agencies the general public will simply see a Badge. Some may recall a concept taught in CME SWAT courses that you are a sword. Your team is not simply strong individuals, but individuals that can fill and flow, becoming one sword, one gun. CME Basic SWAT graduates understand this, they also understand that a team is only as strong as their weakest link.

Our human ancestors across cultures understood that beasts and monsters existed in the dark. Your ancestors knew that as the sun faded and darkness arose, early humans were susceptible to predator attacks. A sort of different class of human developed. One that could pick up a stick, sharpen the tip, crafting a spear. The same class of human picked up another stick and carried fire with them. To the edge of the stability of the camp and into the dark, these warriors knew a line must be drawn to defend what they love. These people became the Torch and Spear, the Order against the Chaos.

As a LEO and especially as an ERT/SRT/SWAT Officer, you are the bringer of Order. Your Torch is affixed to the end of your Spear but not in the same sense of our early human ancestors. Spears today are often 5.56 in caliber and based on the popular AR platform. Torches are flashlights often powered by 123 batteries. No matter the changes in technology. No matter our Cultural or Religious background. Human Societies throughout the ages have always had a small group of like minded people, focused on becoming individually better. Joining together with Torch and Spear to combat the Chaos. Bringing Order for their communities, and peace for those they care for. The Warrior carries the heaviest burden and is often criticized and judged by those unwilling to carry the Torch and Spear. However, for those in this community we salute you and encourage you to remain vigilant. Sharpening your skill and strengthening the chain of warriors you are connected to. From the dawn of human existence to today, you are the Torch and Spear.

Volume One of Torch and Spear is intended to set the ground work for future discussions of Warrior Ethos. Our society is facing new technology and monsters utilizing that technology. If you are reading this, you are probably very aware that technology changes. Torch and Spear harkens to a deeper calling, one that I believe connects to your DNA and your own ancestral past. Times change, technology changes, people and society change. The concept of the Warrior, the one willing to pick up the Torch and Spear while charging into the darkness, this does not change. You owe it to yourself, your ancestors, and those you love; train and become the best you can be. Get out your wet stone fellow warrior, more mental sharpening to come.