Trey Mitcheltree Memorial Leadership Award Donation

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Son. Brother. Veteran. Friend.

Trey Allen Mitcheltree was one of a kind, folks. This young man had a heart of solid gold and his family and friends will always carry a hole in their hearts. Trey, an Okie (we never held that against him), from Moore, Oklahoma served this great nation in the Army's 10th Mountain Division. Once he left the Army, Trey moved to Arlington, Texas and that where his path crossed with Charlie Mike. Trey attended our Basic SWAT, Advanced SWAT, Hostage Rescue and Tactical Team Leader schools, all in a five month period. Trey was a great student and was showing his aptitude for becoming a great instructor. 

Trey left the Dallas/Fort Worth area after his mother suffered a medical emergency. He quit his job and moved closer to home; heart of gold I told you. Unfortunately for everyone, especially his wonderful parents, Dean and Johnna it didn't last long. On the 29th of April, 2020, Trey was shot and killed in Moore, Oklahoma. All of us at CME, along with every person who ever knew Trey, were in complete shock. We'll do our best to not focus on the bad that day, but instead, honor Trey's memory.

With that, we have started the Trey Mitcheltree Memorial Leadership Award.

If you feel compelled to donate to this scholarship in Trey's honor, please do so!