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The SWAT Sniper course is an intensive 5 day course which covers, understanding your equipment, data collection, environmental effects, ballistics, range estimation, mission planning, team deployment, application of ballistics, legal consideration and weapon maintenance.

This course is designed for new precision rifle shooters and for those who have had any prior formal training. This course will not only provide a starting point for all Law Enforcement Snipers, but also help establish a solid foundation for Law Enforcement sniper training and deployment.  The aim for this course is to familiarize students with precision marksmanship concepts and methods that will be used in high risk scenarios. The students will acquire the skills and knowledge required to respond to any high risk situations. Each block of instruction is designed to challenge and motivate you.  This course is designed to prepare you to engage targets and or situations that you may encounter in the course of your duties.

This course meets the requirements set by the Texas Commission On Law Enforcement (TCOLE) for SWAT Sniper Training, course #3324.

SWAT Sniper Gear List

FOB Havoc - Normangee, Texas - MAR 20, 2023 - Flyer

Restricted to Law Enforcement, Military, Government, & Security Personnel

If your agency is interested in sponsoring a course please contact us at 1-844-683-SWAT (7928) or via email at support@cmeswat.com