Basic Instructor

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This is a 40 hr. course design to provide Participants with the ability to prepare lesson plans, learning about the teaching/learning process, use of instructional media, describes methods of instruction, explains testing and evaluation, discusses liability issues related to training. This hands-on, professional development experience for new instructors will improve skills for effective instruction and enhance presentation techniques. Participants will learn modern methods for effectively training adults and techniques for creating a productive and thriving learning environment. This 40 hour course meets current TCOLE certification requirements. Basic Instructor Course, #1014, is offered to peace officers, telecommunicators and jailers, who have either two years experience; a bachelors degree and two years teaching experience; or a graduate degree. 

Dress code will be tactical casual (for a classroom setting). Basic computer skills are required for course. You will need to bring: Pen and notebook, Laptop, USB stick. Must have PowerPoint or comparable software. 

Restricted to Law Enforcement, Military, Government, & Security Personnel

If your agency is interested in sponsoring a course please contact us at 1-844-683-SWAT (7928) or via email at