Hemorrhage Control

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Shit happens. From motor vehicle crashes, industrial accidents, to the rare occurrence of an active shooter event.  Do you feel confident you can give life saving measures to your fellow man during one of these stressful situations? This is not your normal Hemorrhage Control course. Instead of a janky, 4 hour course that consists mostly of “Death by PowerPoint”, this 8 hour course is instructed by subject matter experts in the field of tactical medicine. With minimal classroom time, this course is around 75% practical application of the skills and procedures used in bleeding control. Our goal is for people to leave with more than just a baseline understanding of HEMCON and to have run through scenario after scenario, applying tourniquets, packing wounds and learning life saving interventions.


If your business is interested in sponsoring a course please contact us at 1-844-683-SWAT (7928) or via email at support@cmeswat.com