Hemorrhage Control

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Often, officers see courses labeled TacMed or Bleeding Control and immediately think of gunshots or wounds received during some exciting arrest or confrontation with a suspect. When in reality, you potentially will use these skills more often when arriving at a motor vehicle crash, significant medical emergencies and other natural accidents; we will prepare you for all of these situations. This is not your normal Hemorrhage Control course. Instead of a janky, 4 hour course that consists mostly of “Death by PowerPoint”, this 8 hour course is instructed by subject matter experts in the field of tactical medicine. With minimal classroom time, this course is around 75% practical application of the skills and procedures used in bleeding control. Our goal is for officers to leave with more than just a baseline understanding of HEMCON and to have run through scenario after scenario, applying tourniquets, packing wounds and learning life saving interventions.


If your agency is interested in sponsoring a course please contact us at 1-844-683-SWAT (7928) or via email at support@cmeswat.com