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If you're reading this, you either felt compelled to help, or a friend sent this to you and thought, man *insert your name here* would LOVE to help this company reach its goal! So here is the deal... In an effort to not add $50,000 more to our current debt, we're turning to crowdfunding. We need your help, starting a grassroots movement for fitness and mental wellness. 

What is CME TacFit? The first version of it will be an app. COVID showed us that gyms can be affected by government rules and shutdowns and the fitness industry (that didn't evolve) was hit really hard. Fitness app usage skyrocketed over 80% during 2020 and continues to rise. We will offer top notch workouts, from NSCA certified Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitators, geared towards, but not limited to only the "tactical population"(military, law enforcement, fire rescue and emergency medical services). 

Our app will obviously have targeted workouts for different goals, but the physical growth isn't our only goal. Being a member of tactical population comes with an epic shit ton of mental wear and tear. We want an app that will help with meditation, breathing exercises and calming strategies. Along with the workouts and mental health training, we look to offer high quality nutritional plans and recipes to help our bodies achieve the peak performance needed for our daily lives. 


In a nutshell, that's what CME TacFit is, how can you help?

With a $100 contribution to the Campaign Fund, you'll receive the following:

  • Free Lifetime Access to the app as long as its Operational. This is a $300 a year value, for free. As anything is added, you’ll always have access at the highest level. You will NEVER be charged again for the app.
  • 10% Lifetime Discount on ANY Charlie Mike or CME TacFit gear, apparel, and courses. I’ll say it again, LIFETIME discount on ANYTHING we offer.
  • The first 500 who decided to be a founder, will get a Rise and Grind shirt (pictured above and shirt details below).
  • The amazing feeling from helping a fledgling small business grow.


First 500 get an awesome shirt that is incredibly soft with great drape, stretch and recovery. Heathered black for a vintage look.

50% Polyester

25% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton

25% Rayon

Shirt weight: 4.3oz


Message from the HMFIC:

I won't jack around with your money, if we don't get at least 200 contributions by 9/17/21, I will refund EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR. So if you could, share this with everyone!

EDIT** The 200 goal, actually 203 was reached on 9/17 so the next goal is the $50k. This app is happening!! 

-Nick Chavis