Year One

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Year One

The whole process of me taking over Charlie Mike, started somewhere around 2015. I took all the schools that year and Michael Witzgall even brought me on board as an instructor. From day one, Witzgall and I had numerous discussions about my future and the future of Charlie Mike. I laid out this grandiose plan for a training company I wanted to have, but I made it very clear to him that I wanted his blessing first. Then in late 2015, Charlie Mike was very close to being sold to another person, but luckily for me, that never manifested. After years of helping as an instructor, in 2018 the beginnings of the deal Witzgall and I agreed to, started forming.

Mike never lost his edge; he was just ready to retire. For years, in countless courses, he had students read an article about recognizing the signs of when it was time to stand down. For Mike, he wanted to retire while he still had the energy to enjoy a life away from CME. So, after two years of negotiations, in August of 2020 we agreed to a deal. Immediately, I was added on the social media platforms and given the keys to the “old” website. I started building what would become today’s site and working on my marketing plans. Mike got me in contact with the agencies who had already reached out for training requests for 2021 and I started plugging along. The end of 2020 was a blur.

While I was working on taking over CME, I was still contracting as an instructor for a government contractor and was knee deep in training. Most of the transition was done while I was in Las Vegas training a Special Operations Unit for an upcoming deployment. However, I didn’t care how long the days were, every single day, I was doing something to help CME become the greatest training organization it could be.

I knew from the start, that building the empire I am looking for would take, discipline, drive and determination. Three things outlined in one of my favorite reads, “The Way Of The SEAL” by Mark Divine. He speaks on total commitment, no tries; do or do not and I was all in. I was burning my boats at the shore, there was no way of returning. It was then and still is one year later, all or nothing for me. I don’t have a backup plan, CME will succeed. “Aut inveniam viam aut faciam” attributed to Hannibal of Carthage… Find a way or make one.

And boom it’s now 2021! That first class will always have a special place in my heart. I have taught literally thousands of students prior to that class, but this one was special. This one was mine. I even got choked up during the dismissal. As the year progressed, I felt like I was flying the Millennium Falcon. Shit was moving so fast and I was just trying to stay in my seat.

We had an absolutely amazing year! We taught 28 courses, after only 10 in 2020. There were 104 agencies represented and almost 400 officers in our courses. I drove over 10,000 miles JUST to get to the schools and back; that’s not counting the countless meetings and driving while at training. The officers rated our schools each class and by years end, with 28 courses scored, we averaged a 9.91 on a 10 point scale. To me, there is room for improvement, but I am still very pleased with that. CME brought back it’s sniper program, bringing on three very well-trained snipers, who have deployed downrange during the Global War On Terror. We added dignitary protection, law enforcement trauma and defensive tactics to the curriculum and will be adding more this next year.

Speaking of 2022, we have secured a potential home; about 45 miles northeast of College Station, on 1,000 acres. All of this is because I truly believe officers need access to the best training at affordable prices. I’ve been there, on the front line as a patrolman, at a department that can’t (or even worse, won’t) pay for training. The dangers for law enforcement might be at their worst ever and training can help mitigate some of these.

Do us a favor, find the class that fits for you, get your ass in some training and be prepared for when shit hits the fan.

Aut inveniam viam aut faciam

Nick Chavis
Charlie Mike Enterprises, Inc