Russia Invades Ukraine

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Russia Invades Ukraine

The world is yet again, on the brink of another war. This time, the battleground is Ukraine, where tensions between Russia and the West have undoubtedly boiled over. Around 2200 hours last night (10pm CST), Russia started it's invasion into Ukraine. Years earlier, in 2014, Russian forces took control of the Crimean peninsula, and just days ago, Russian troops had moved further into the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine. The United States and its allies have condemned Russia's actions, and have imposed sanctions on the country, with stricter sanctions to come. It remains to be seen what will happen next, but one thing is clear: the situation in Ukraine is dangerous.

With strategic strikes all over Ukraine, Russia is looking to deliver a swift blow to the Ukrainian people. Ukraine is not a NATO member and on the outside, Vladimir Putin has stated that Ukraine being added to NATO is a main reason for the military operations there. Putin stated in a video, which has meta data showing it was recorded three days ago, that any interference from the outside will be met with consequences never seen before. Some of the images from the region are disturbing, videos of a Russian jet firing into a house, dogfights overhead Kyiv, bodies in the streets.

Around 150,000 Russian troops are based in the area. The US has already sent F-35 Fighters and AH-64 Attack Helicopters into NATO countries to bolster their defenses. Approximately 90,000 US troops are on the European continent as the Pentagon stated in a late night press conference, Russia is "Ready to go". A few hours after that comment, Russia went, and intelligence sources feel the capitol could fall in days. From intel sources I have in the region, the airport in Kyiv is under Russian control. Edit* It now seems Ukrainian forces have taken the airfield back. This situation is fluid and may change from minute to minute. 

Yesterday, Ukraine's government and financial websites were down or would not load for users, according to a high-ranking Ukrainian official, who said it was another round of hostile cyber attacks on the country. Cyberattacks appear to be repeating what occurred in Ukraine last month, according to which officials and experts have attributed the attacks to Russia.

The might of America can be brought upon the area, but the devastation would be immense. I truly believe this would be a war of epic proportions and after 20 plus years of fighting the Global War On Terror, not many Americans may be able to stomach the reality of another conflict. Thing is, this would be unlike any war most of us have seen. Of the 16 million or so veterans of World War II, approximately 240,000 remain. In other words, 1.5% of the veterans are left or .07% of the total US population. Sure there's recorded history, we've all watched the documentaries, but we all can agree, watching the invasion of Normandy and being there are not the same.

It's my hope that cooler heads can prevail. While I am adamant about how powerful our military is, a full scale war with Russia produces no winners. That said, while for the time being, boots on the ground does not seem to be an option, one small match in this huge tinderbox, could set off a world conflict.